November 14th, 2008

bored, boring post [shortly 195 icons + 3 texture sets]

OH my, oh my, this week another huge post of stuff, am I having maybe too much free time or it's the opposite one? Maybe this last one, lol.
I don't have anything to say, no news, only my boring (and bored) life, try only to enjoy this post, folk, for my mental health, and in the same time I'll eat a stupid and BORING salad, <3.

[1-7] Twilight: November 2008 - Vanity Fair (Italy)
[8-50]Twilight: New Vanity Fair Outtakes
[51-67] Kristen Stewart: misc.
[68-116] Twilight: InStyle Outtakes
[117-131]Kanon Wakeshima
[132-160] Vampire Knight Manga
[161-165] Vampire Knight quotes
[165-185] Supernatural
[186-195] Factory Girl


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