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not_so_icons's Journal

not so icons (icons, graphic, tutorial, resources)
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not so icons
graphic community

Hi there! Not so icons is a graphic community, founded for share ours works. In the beginning we wanted only an icons community, but then we realized was nice share even wallpapers, resources and stuff like that.

Link Us:


azzurrodipoesia ~ photocons


Rules for posting:
- You need to JOIN to post in this community. We moderate members, so you have to pass by us before posting. Sometimes we can refuse you, nothing personal, but we want to manteine the community to a 'good' level, so you can try another time after a month;
- All the post have to contain icons, walls, banners, etc., don't ask for help, don't post anything stupid, 'cause... we'll kill you! *kidding*;
- You can post graphic stuff about ANYTHING, it means, you like Twilight? You can post icons about Twilight. You like Harry Potter? You can post wallpapers about Harry Potter. No limits to fandom;
- A little advice. Post MUST containe at least 25 icons or 4 wallpapers or 6 banners. So don't continue to post stuff like a machine. You must have something 'consinstent', before posting. And, use LJ-CUT for posting more that 3 icons;
- You can post resources, it means: tutorials (about icons, banners, wall, etc), textures (for icons and not), patterns, brushes. You can link your personal journal for tutorials, textures, etc (NOT COMMUNITIES), you can post here the tutorial, if you want. No limit for the post, just, don't post a textures pack today and another tomorrow, to be clear.
- You MUST tag your post. We have tags, if we have not the tag you need, you can create yours. (Es.: i made icons about Gossip Girl, but there's not GG tag, so i made my own. TV MOVIE: Gossip Girl);
- It's silly to say, but the icons you'll post here, MUST BE YOURS. Don't put text or recolor other icons. And, if someone stole your icons don't whine HERE, just resolve it by yourself;

Hmm.. i think it's all! Enjoy ♥
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